Great things to come!!!

Well this is it. A new chapter for 3 photographers who wanted to start an affordable photography adventure and photography workshop venture. After months of planning, Skype calls, e-mails, telephone calls and a lot of headaches finally everything is falling into place.

We are 3 photographers, Dawie Malan, Dewald Kirsten and myself, and needless to say, we all love photography, especially landscape photography. Although we also do other photography work landscape photography will definitely be our favorite. Dewald and I have been hosting workshops the past couple of years and Dawie have been so busy with his day-job that he didn’t had time to host any workshops but have been on some amazing ones and after we saw what amazing things he can do with a camera we decided to beg him to join us on this great venture.

We start off with a couple of great workshops that we have hosted in the past as well, but believe me there are a couple of great photo expeditions and workshops that we are working on and they will be added to the list soon. If you are photographer, beginner or expert, and you want to take landscape photos at some of the most amazing destinations in Southern Africa, then this is for you.

Happy shooting!!!


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