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Streetsmart South Africa

StreetSmart South Africa – raises funds to help normalise the lives of street children and other vulnerable children’s programmes through participating fund raising partner restaurants, accommodation establishments and wine tasting centres.

The funds support programmes around family re-unifications, education and upskilling. The funds raised in any area are used to support programmes in the same area, thereby uplifting local communities.

100% of the funds raised reach the beneficiary programmes. StreetSmart’s operational expenses are sponsored by corporate donors.
Afriscapes is proud to support StreetSmart. What better way to give back than to support the future of the country, the children.

Jonathan believes that every human on the planet has a duty to protect these vulnerable young souls. As one of the founders of Afriscapes, Jonathan has deep relationships in the fundraising sector having been co-founder of We Care in 1987. As one of the largest charities at the time, We Care went on to receive international recognition through receiving the French Human Rights Award in 1997, for its “fight against contemporary forms of racial injustice and discrimination.”

Even the smallest donation can help a child. We are well aware that there are millions of needy people around the globe. And yes, we all have limits in what we can give. This cause is worthwhile and totally above board, and actually helps save children’s lives. Your kindness is a reflection of your soul.

Thank you. Jonathan

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